Hopp over innhold

Enriched features on new customer portal on AWS


The snapshot


New monitoring and alerts system was designed using Cloudwatch Metrics and alarms, posting important information regarding errors to Slack via AWS


New features added to the app allowing you to compete with yourself and others in reducing your CO2 impact


The ability to track user energy based on data from the energy provider

The challenge

The company has solidified its position as the leading supplier and installer of solar panels for privately owned properties in Sweden.

It was decided that a new platform needed to be built on Amazon AWS so that improvements and any new features could be created at ease.

This project required the team to design a Cloud infrastructure that could support several environments.

The solution

Devoteam not only designed and built the necessary infrastructure and the backend but also helped in other areas. Identifying key business metrics, establishing processes for communication, security, monitoring, documentation and source control was key.

In addition to this, the company planned to introduce its own IoT hardware that would track and control car chargers and batteries. Devoteam designed the infrastructure for this, which includes collection performance information. The idea is that people will soon start and stop charging their cars using the app.

The better change

Designing the necessary cloud infrastructure to support middle environments

Building a backend to serve the customer portal web and mobile apps

Identifying key business metrics and establishing processes for security monitoring, communication, documentation and source control