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Progressive zero-carbon transformation through cloud migration


The snapshot


Deploying the biggest Hana Database on AWS in Europe


Defining the Backup and DRP Solutions in regards to Engie IT requirement


Added value in terms of communication including awareness sessions, training, community meetings, hands-on workshops, and more

The challenge

Engie structures its activities around electricity, natural gas and energy services, in over 70 Countries. Engie IT must transform itself in order to adapt to an environment in which the importance of competition has increased with the emergence of Public Cloud providers.

However, they lack expertise in the Cloud and are struggling to build an optimal Public Cloud infrastructure. One of the main issues is to go through the run, and that explains why most of the BUs are looking for an end-to-end partner advisor. The challenge was to create a secure environment, compliant with all Engie IT environments to support applications in the Cloud Azure and AWS environments.

The solution

To resolve the issue of Infrastructure Delivery delay, Engie IT chose to define a fully-automated solution to deploy an environment on the Public Cloud, ready for their business unit. The BUBBLE is a fully dedicated environment in Engie IT’s subscription in which custom design, security and operations will be set up specifically for the client.

The base of this offer is a BUBBLE. The BUBBLE is a simple gateway to Azure’s Public Cloud. Everything is automated to create an environment ready to be used and secured for the BUs. With this subscription, Engie IT wishes to deliver a strong signal to all BUs in order to facilitate their way to the Cloud and guarantee their success.

The better change

By deploying Common SAP on AWS

Automating BUBBLE deployment

Through weekly meetings to synchronize goals, allowing for faster progress in terms of sales activities

People’s experience

In a CloudFirst context, ENGIE IT needs a privileged partner to ramp-up its expertise with internal resources of a Cloud Academy program and to staff qualified external resources. We leverage Devoteam capability notably for training and staffing, to complement our ISEF Cloud (in-house Expert Fellows): 40 people are currently working full-time on Cloud (Devoteam represents 50% of it). As an intangible benefit, Devoteam also enables us to adapt our strategy in regards to Business Unit with marketing, financials and insights gathered in a comprehensive Target Delivery Model. Within internal discussions to gather on CloudFirst strategy, Devoteam eases adaptation to our new model.